Norberta Fullen 1930-2017

Norberta Fullen was born June 25, 1930 and passed away in her sleep,  into the Hands Of God on August 14, 2017.  She passed on her daughter Susan Sipes Birthday who proceeded her in death six years ago from cancer.   She was proceeded in death also by her son Paul Fullen.  Both Susan and Paul’s death broke her heart and she stated on several occasions that No Mother Should Ever Have To Outlive Her Children.  Norberta was a wife and mother for the first twenty years of her marriage and then divorced and took on the responsibility of raising six children on her own.  With no work experience she became a Postal Carrier and then went to being a Union Officer Secretary/Treasurer for Branch 1100 always working to preserve others rights.  She was considered to have a Genius I. Q. and always excelled in any academic project she took on.  She loved reading and was a proficient writer and artist.  She volunteered her time to the Democratic Party in Bishop, CA and on several occasions wrote articles in the Inyo Register, usually about her political views regarding something.  She was a member of the Methodist Church in Bishop, sang in the choir and was an active member in the church activities.  She accomplished many wonderful things in her life but first and foremost in her life was her family.  

Everything I ever learned about unconditional love, never judging others, always treating others with kindness and understanding came from my mother.  She believed that everyone deserved the benefit of the doubt and she saw the good and positive side in everything. If I could be one quarter of the human being she was I would be happy.  Even in the worst and most painful and trying times of my mothers life she always saw the good and was grateful for what she did have.  She would give someone her last dollar.  Her focus in her life was her family and doing good for others.

Norberta had six children with John Fullen and grandchildren:  Proceeded By:  Susan Sipes and  Randy Sipes and their three children Randy Sipes, Stacy Barajas and Jesus Barajas and Adam and Emily Sipes.  Paul and Kathy Fullen and their three children Michael Davis,  Kelly Davis and Nicholas Fullen.  Survived By: Glenda Moore and her son Robert Moore.  Joseph Fullen and Norma Reily and Carrie Fullen and their four children Chanteau Fullen, Joseph Fullen, Jr., Jeremy Fullen and Brandon Reily.    Laura Hill and Don Hill and their three children Samantha Calveresa, Casey Hill and Danika Hill.  John Fullen her youngest son.  There are many surviving great grandchildren, who love their Nana and unfortunately will not get as much time with their great grandmother as we all have.

My mother was by all standards a loving, giving, kind human being who not only believed in all these things she modeled them in her daily life on this earth.  I loved her with my whole heart and nothing will ever replace her loss in my life.  There truly isn’t enough time or paper to write all the accomplishments she made while here on earth.  Her Family loves and will miss her dearly..    

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