Marc Rockwell-Pate: 1983-2023

Marc Rockwell-Pate, of San Diego, California, left this earth on November 11, 2023. Marc was born in Visalia, California, and went to school and graduated in Paoli, Indiana. He moved to Bishop, California, where he met and married his best friend and the love of his life, Alisen Sada. It is there he developed his love of the mountains, the same mountains that called him home. Marc had a prestigious career in the US Navy, working as a photographer, media specialist, and Public Affairs Officer. Marc was an avid fitness expert, and loved to travel to beautiful, remote places and climb the highest peaks, taking photos and videos all along the way. He was a loving son to Cindy Arman, and her husband Darrell, Barbara Kelley and Derrick Vocelka, Don Sada and wife Laurie, and Robert Pate, and wife Patricia. He was a guiding force and fierce protector of his sister Michelle Alford and her husband James, his brother Micheal Pate and his wife Kristine, and his sister-in-law Abby Sada, as well as his many nieces and nephews. His strength and character afforded him many good friends and the determination he and Ali had provided them a wonderful life filled with love.

The family of Marc would like to thank the many people who worked so diligently to find him and bring him home. Randy and Trisha Smith, who dropped everything in a moment and called in every favor, addressed every hiker who showed up on the trail, and never quit until he was found. Derrick Vocelka, who made all the calls, handled all the communication, and kept the information flowing to all of us from the moment they knew Marc was late returning. To the Inyo County Search and Rescue, the Inyo County Sheriff’s Office, helicopter teams from Lamoore Naval Air Station, China Lake Navel Air Weapons Base, Fresno and Apple Valley California Highway Patrol, we are so grateful for all your time, your patience, and your care that went above and beyond the call of duty. To close family friends Bob Herrington and Darla Heil, for dropping everything and taking control, keeping us informed and focused, taking care of search communications, and for just being the amazing people that you are every day. To Bob Harrington again, for coordinating the rescue with consummate competence and for leading the team on the mountain. To Pete Henze, who selflessly changed course and not only went and searched for Marc, but who was instrumental in helping the SAR teams get to Marc, coming back the next day and hiking yet again to make sure Marc made it home. You are an amazing person and a kindred spirit. Our deepest gratitude. And last, but never least, to Abraham Saikley, who also gave up his plans, climbing all day and into the night, not only locating Marc, but taking the time to sit with him, to reassure him, and to tell him how much he was loved. He stayed well after dark with much danger to himself and brought the news back to us that Marc had been found, with the grace and dignity of someone much more seasoned than his young years. He provided coordinates that made it possible for the SAR team to bring Marc down from the mountain the next day just before the storm’s arrival and brought us much peace. There are no words to express how amazing you are, and no words will ever fully convey our gratitude.

In lieu of flowers, we ask that you consider the following:

Inyo County Search and Rescue ( Please consider donating to this wonderful organization. Link is on their webpage.

Pete Henze ( ) Reach out to Pete and give him love and support for the amazing, selfless man that he is.

Abraham Saikley ( ) Please like, share and, if you have the means, support Abraham’s business.

We leave you with Marc’s favorite quote…

“The mountains are calling and I must go.” – John Muir

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